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Reflecting on Taylor Lake

January 28, 2010
Canoe and reflections on Taylor Lake

Reflections and canoe on Taylor Lake. The two paddles tied to the thwarts are used to carry the canoe on portages, with the paddle blades resting on the shoulders. Copyright Mark B. Gibson

Taylor Lake is a small backwater lake on the Columbia River just west of The Dalles, Oregon. Canoe access is easy if you have plenty of clearance under your vehicle. Stocked with trout raised at a hatchery near Maupin. Bass are also present. I launched here in January, 2010 to photograph “mysterious” bubbles rising to the surface of the lake. The bubbles, featured in a YouTube video as probable space aliens, originate from an aeration system installed to reduce algae growth in the lake.

Portions of the lake were topped with mushy, grainy remains of the seasons ice, but the north shore was clear and calm, reflecting the lakeshore perfectly. Using the canoe, I was able to take photographs for the newspaper that I would not have otherwise been able to access… First time I’ve ever considered the canoe as a part of the photojournaistic toolkit.

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  1. March 3, 2010 20:37

    What a novel idea! A canoeing photojournalist!

    This is a beautiful photo. And I loved your description of the place, along with the story of the, er alien bubbles. (grin)

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