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May 9, 2010
Qigong massage therapy

A boy gets a Qigong massage, which has been effective in reversing many of the effects of his autism. Copyright Mark B. Gibson/The Dalles Chronicle

I always get a little nervous when people start talking about sensing energy with their fingers and hands. Not that I don’t believe it, I’ve played with “witching sticks” enough to know that we have some sort of energy field around us, and that it is very strong, but I don’t sense it well myself.

Qigong is an energy massage therapy that has been found to be at least somewhat effective in treating autism. For the little boy pictured, the technique has been nothing less than miraculous.

Frankly, he is an ordinary little boy, and I had fun taking pictures of him demonstrating the massage technique. It’s hard to imagine that not so long ago he had all of the classic symptoms of autism, and would have sat screaming in a corner, banging his head against the wall and biting himself.

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  1. Clytie permalink
    May 9, 2010 18:18

    I’ve never heard of this therapy for autism. I agree we have energy around us – as do most buildings and places where people gather(ed). To use this energy to help others? I guess that IS a miracle!

    Great picture, bro. That lady on the right looks very familiar.

  2. May 14, 2010 00:42

    Having had a child struggling with a high form of autism, we heard about a lot of things, including this technique. I do believe in pressure points and in the importance of human touch. I also believe we have each been given a certain unique energy–I’m not sure how it interacts with others and our world–but its there and this can be proved scientifically. There are a lot of things we don’t know.

    I liked this picture–the joy in the little boy’s face. And I agree with Clytie–the lady on the right looks really familiar to me, too.

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