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Picture of the Week

September 2, 2010
Deschutes fisherman

Fishermen of all kinds spend a lot of time waiting. A great blue heron and Jim Scott of Warm Springs relax in the morning sun on the banks of the Deschutes River at Sherars Falls, a traditional American Indian fishery. Scott has netted fish here all his life, as did his father and grandfather. Copyright Mark B. Gibson

I love to fish, but seldom manage the time. Unlike the fisherman pictured above, I have trouble slowing down long enough to actually catch anything.

I was actually there to shoot Lamprey being netted at the nearby fish ladder. Little mixup on the time, though… at 9 a.m. I was twelve hours early. So I explored the falls, and asked Scott if I could take his picture. He was fine with that, and so was the young boy netting suckers and pike minnow with his scaled down dip net.

By the time I left, I had proved the old Oregon saying: “If your feet aren’t wet, you aren’t having any fun.” My feet were definitely wet, but I’d had great time.

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  1. clytie permalink
    September 3, 2010 23:46

    I haven’t been fishing in years. This guy makes it look so relaxing! Hah!

  2. October 19, 2010 22:58

    I haven’t been fishing in years, either. I recall Alan is the one who took me on my first fishing trip–and I actually caught something–it was a five long bottom fish on the Tualatin. lol We caught it by mashing cornflakes around the hook–a little trick we learned from an old black man who was fishing off a dock nearby.

    I LOVE this picture–that bird seems so at home. What a great catch!

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