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So pretty… and just a wee bit cold

November 24, 2010
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Snow covered driveway

A winter storm turns a driveway in rural Wasco County into a winter wonderland. Copyright Mark B. Gibson

The driveway to my rental house, a double-wide trailer on wooden blocks, is pretty steep. This is the gentlest part of the climb, where the road cuts across the face of an old slide. The “cliff” is to the left, and is a little steeper slope then the “bank” to the right. Where the road vanishes in the photograph, it turns and heads up over the crest of the hill. Driving down in snow, you have a steep hill, with a sharp “L” turn at the edge of the cliff. There are oak trees that would likely stop you before you went to far over the edge, but I still imagine “sledding” off over the cliff every time I drive it in snow.

This was taken yesterday, Nov. 23. Today it is much the same, only much colder at 17F degrees or so. Tonight it is supposed to drop as low as -9F degrees. Looks like we will have a “white Thanksgiving…” and probably a “white Black Friday” as well, which could be pretty confusing.

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  1. Clytie permalink
    November 25, 2010 22:27

    What a gorgeous and scary picture! But all in all I can sum up my feelings in one sentence right now … “BETTER YOU THAN ME!!!” Hahaha!!! (Please keep in mind that I DON’T do snow)!

    • November 26, 2010 22:56

      No one in the Willamette Valley “does snow.” When they drive to the east side of the Cascades, or into the mountains, they tend to pile up and slide off and get stuck and all sorts of things. Of course being from the valley, I did all those things myself at one time… and even us “east siders” have our moments: A neighbor is a auto body mechanic. Winter, he told me once, is “harvest season.”

  2. December 12, 2010 03:00

    Hi, Mark! I love this picture…though I am not so great in the snow without my old Volkeswagon, I do love it. I even long for it. A friend of mine is actually sitting in her home with a blizzard raging around her! I would love to see a good snow storm here–not while we’re traveling, of course! lol

    I love this picture. I recognize the road–I would not want to drive on it, though! This picture just fills my eyes.

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