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Post blog or Blog Post?

January 31, 2011
A man on a post.

The post upon which this blog "post" is being posted, surmounted by the person posting said post.

This blog post is being transmitted as a radio signal across my yard and part way up the hill to a big oak tree. There the signal is captured and transmitted up a wire another hundred feet or more to the top of a hill, where stands this post.

The post used to hold a roof over an 8-foot by 40-foot rental trailer that I lived in years ago. I scavenged it when the wreckers came in, and dragged it up here after confirming that there was indeed a signal coming off one of the Klickitat towers, strong enough to connect to about six feet above the summit of this little hill.

I dug and chiseled a hole three or more feet deep, using a post hole digger and a metal bar six feet long. The ground here is made up of dirt and rocks, with an emphasis on the rocks. Some of the rock shatters if you pound long enough, and these are interspersed with rocks that are difficult to even chip. After I uprighted the post into the hole I pounded rocks into gravel around its base, filling in with larger and larger rocks. It isn’t hard work, exactly, just slow and steady. Eventually you have a strong post. I’ve put up fence posts this way, using old railroad ties.

I dug the hole on a nice day, planted the post after the Thanksgiving snow storm and freeze. The tech guy mounted the antennae during a more recent snow, and everything was finally finished during that bit of wind we had over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Accessing the web here in the backwoods of Oregon is no easy task.

And so when I press the “button” marked post, these words and this photograph will travel to the hill by radio, up to the top of the hill by cable, and via the radio waves cross the Columbia River to the high ridges above. It will then be relayed back across the Columbia River to Port of The Dalles, where it is routed through optic cables along the river. It will likely end up in some form or another at the Google server farm that I drive past every day on my way to work, its cooling towers belching steam into the chill winter air.

All that, just so I can post this post about a post.

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  1. February 1, 2011 04:31

    I like your post post, routed and rerouted and — magic! It ended up on MY computer!

    Cute pic, bro!!!

  2. May 13, 2011 08:32

    Hahahaaa…I really like your post about a post. I loved the picture. It made me smile. I LOVED reading the post. It was fascinating from the first word to the last. What a gifted writer you are. Someday you should write a book.

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