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100 Days of School

February 27, 2011
kids parading at school

Kindergarten students at Dry Hollow Elementary School celebrate 100 days of school, singing a song to the popular Disney Tune: "Hi ho, hi ho, 100 days ago, I came to school now I'm so cool, hi ho, hi ho..." Mark B. Gibson/The Dalles Chronicle

I photograph a lot of kids, and sometimes tire of the cute little things. I was a little grumpy about covering this “parade,” but as usual the cuteness factor was overwhelming and hence a great shot was fairly easy to get.

I worked in very close with a wide-angle lens, using a low vantage point. The center girl was my focal point, she was really waving that flag around, and the other kids were well decorated and created lots of visual interest in the foreground and background.

You have to work quickly when shooting kids, they move a lot more quickly then you might remember, having once been one. Fortunately there were few parents on hand, so no one was telling the kids to “SMILE!” or say “CHEESE” and their native joy could shine through.

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  1. May 13, 2011 08:25

    I like that, Native Joy. What charming photos–these sweet little ones are so colorful and cute. lol They make me smile.

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