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Colorful cars kick off spring season

April 14, 2011
car show

Janet and Dick Giger of Port Townsend, Wash., admire cars being shown along Federal Street downtown The Dalles during the afternoon festivities of the Cherry Festival April 9. Copyright Mark B. Gibson/The Dalles Chronicle

Festivals are a staple of community journalism. Here in The Dalles, we have at least five parades, from winters Christmas parade to a Memorial Day parade. There is always plenty of photo opportunities. Walking around the car show, I noticed this colorful framing of several brightly colored car. I composed the photo with a moderate telephoto and then waited for someone to interact with the vehicle… someone standing in the appropriate place, and facing the proper direction .

It didn’t take long, and I was then able to get the subject names. As I waited, the car owner told me he had built the car in his garage. It was a fun car, he said, but would have been funner 30 years before… it isn’t a very comfortable drive.

Ten years ago, community newspapers relied almost completely on the black and white photograph. This photo clearly relies on color. When computers replaced the darkrooms and paste-up tables, full color became a daily event and today is common place at even the smallest newspapers.

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  1. May 13, 2011 08:15

    I love this picture and the description of how you achieved it. Your writing is as pithy and as interesting as your photography. Such a great combination.

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