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Gone fishing

April 12, 2012

A 10-year-old boy runs his float to within a few inches of his fishing pole tip, bright green lure swinging below. He was fishing in the Columbia River at The Dalles Marina in The Dalles, Oregon. Mark B. Gibson photo

As a boy I loved to fish, and I often roll through The Dalles Marina to see what is going on at the dock as I search for newspaper photographs. Yesterday I was pleased to see a couple of young boys trying their luck in spite of a cool April wind and high, murky water. I took a handful of photographs, smiled at a few of my own youthful memories of fish and fishing, then continued on to my next assignment.
Editing my work that night, I was delighted to find the above photograph. The bright green lure, crisp against the black post, was perfect, as was the boys’ expression and the general composition… I saw and captured the expression and planned the composition but the lure was pure luck.
Luck is one of the things that bumps a photograph from good to great, and I egotistically announced to my family that I would win next year’s feature photograph category in the Oregon Publishers Association annual contest. Of course, luck can work both for and against you: My hopes were rather dashed when the picture ran as a little 2-inch square at the bottom corner of the front page.
Oh well. The boys didn’t catch anything, either, but they sure had a lot of fun.

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