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July 23, 2013

I’ve not been posting at this blog for some time, having been asked to be “point person” for the creation of

What is a point person? Well, it started out I was supposed to be the guy who translated between the staff and the development guys, answered questions and helped input the framework we needed to organize the website. The only actual job description was that it didn’t involve anything so crass as a raise.

After a month or so of development, mostly on the weekends, I was told that I might need to upload the site one day a week when we went live. Well, that would be a lot of extra work, but one day is just one day. Then I was told I would be updating the site every day. Nothing off the plate, either, so I said I didn’t think one person could do it, and produce the daily run of photos as well. They said they would work on that.

Eventually “point person” became the guy who managed the website every day, uploading all the photos and stories from the newspaper, answering questions and finding solutions when things went wrong. It’s what some would call a “web master,” except that a “web master” would presumably be paid more then a staff photographer or “point person” and so far no title or raise has ever been offered. So I haven’t had a lot of time to blog here, and less heart.

But I have been blogging, very occasionally, at the Chronicle with a blog called “Eye on the Storm”: My first test post was about Mill Creek in the spring. I took awhile to figure out what the system could and could not do… WordPress is much more robust.

My favorite post is about almost getting shot at a police training exercise.

Of course, while blogging at the Chronicle I hesitate to gripe and complain about my job… It’s one thing to do it here, where they can see it if they wish, but another to do that under their banner. And if I still have readers here, after a year or more ‘gone dark,’ I’m happy to invite them to the new site. There is a paywall after three reads, but theoretically it doesn’t apply to the blogs…. let me know if you hit it, I’ll put on my web master/point person/newsroom lackey hat and see if I can help…

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  1. July 23, 2013 06:42

    Mark – keep up the good work (and words)!

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